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Home Sweet Home/Job Hunt

Finally made our way across the country to Sand Diego! We are currently living in Mission Bay for around 2 months until we get our military housing. I can't say San Diego isn't everything I have ever imagined cause it is and I love it. The dogs do too. Unfortunately my surfboard in in temp storage until we get our own place, but we may get new one's. Still on the fence about that one. My Giant Cintique Tablet is also in storage, but I'm using my mini Wacom one for now. It's a wee bit of a pain but it's better than nothing in the mean time.

I'm on the look out for some art jobs, and I will continue to send some of my comic out to some more publishers as soon as we get more settled. Looking for Any graphic, illustration, or comic work opportunities available. Contact information, about me, tumblr, and portfolio is right on my website, Feel free to E-mail if you need anything else.Here was a piece of Fan art I was able to get together for today from kill la kill. I was inspired to draw ryuko as a cowgirl after driving through Arizona and Texas.

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