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Off to California!

Hey everyone! I'll be drawing maybe 2 more pictures, and than there won't be some for a while cause I'll be on my way to San Diego. We need to get an apartment there, and set everything up so it may take a while whcih means I won't be able to use my tablet, BUT, you can still check out my adventures through my Tumblr and my Instagram. Just search Corrsollarobot. We are going to be driving from coast to coast, and plan on making a few fun stops in between which I'm sure will spark loads of inspiration for when I get to draw again. So come stay connected with me on the internet! I'll be getting my first Smartphone this week. (I know, I'm sooo late on the whole technology thing.) If you live near San Diego, let me know cause I'm on the hunt for friends. I'm also looking for a job when I get there.

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