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Ceri Langell

Digital Illustrator, Comic Artist, Concept Artist, Animator, and Graphic Designer


Companies I worked with

-Ghost Boat


-Clip Studio Paint



-SD Comicon

-Rumble Frenzy


-ActionLab Comics

-Freelance (10 yrs+)


 Savannah College of Art and Design &

The School of Visual Arts

Bachelors Degree in Cartooning and Illustration


Full time artist born and raised in New Jersey, currently in San Diego. My favorite medium of art is digital.  I love the out doors, I love my dogs, and I'm a fan of futuristic styles, robots ( Both big, small and pilotable), wings, outer space, animation (American and Japanese), fashion, and bad ass characters. I like almost all of my work to have energy, color, texture, and expression.

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